Air Filtration

At Bradan, we leave zero room for error when chasing perfection. Our shop air line system is something we carefully analyzed to eliminate common issues such as blowing water, oil, dirt, or even rubber from inside the hose onto our perfect paint jobs. Our air system starts off with our twin filter RTI Eliminex main line filtration unit, between the air compressor and dryer system. This first stage of filtration removes compressor oils from the air supply. The air then enters a refrigerated compressed air dryer which removes moisture from the air by cooling the air to a specific temperature, which results in a lowered due point; typically 33-39 Fahrenheit. At every air connection in the shop we use RTI single stage stealth filters. When entering the paint booth air supply, we count on our RTI perfect air system. The system lowers the due point to -40F at the spray gun. Air enters the system through a 2 stage pre-filter that regulates the air pressure coming from the general shop air with an auto drain filter at the first stage. Followed by a 1 micron filter, the second stage has a .01 micron filter. The air then enters a desiccant dryer tower, followed by an after filter as an extra precaution; eliminating desiccant dust avoiding paint contamination. We can carefully fine tune the air pressure at four different stages to fine tune our spray gun's air pressure, depending on the material were using. In total air passes through seven filters and a dryer before actually spraying paint.

For air hoses, we use Prevost Stoflex non-static hose made from nitrile. This avoids the internals of the hose breaking down from heat cycles and spraying fine rubber on the vehicle as it fails. Anti static also eliminates an often forgotten about source of dust from the spray booth's air hose, which is wiped down prior to every spray operations regardless. For final paint we switch to Sata clear high pressure hose.