Repair Shop

Bradan offers a world class repair shop specializing in exotic vehicles. Our technicians are hand picked from championship winning race teams and master level dealer technicians. Our strong skill-set is backed with the most advanced repair equipment offered on the market. We have factory diagnostic computers for all major exotic brands including Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW and Porsche. All work is done in-house ranging from vintage vehicle mechanical rebuilds to routing service and maintenance.

We offer routine maintenance, to factory recommended service schedules. We specialize in late model exotic cars and have developed a successful service system that improves car reliability and keeps our clients on the road longer. As cars become older, design flaws and common mechanical failures become known. During routine service we can identify these flaws and develop simple modifications, or implement aftermarket solutions with a higher quality then factory original parts.

As these cars age, owners find that needed parts become unavailable by the original manufacturer. We have spent years building relationships with suppliers so we can always find those hard to find parts and material for our service projects. We’re able to offer you the best pricing on factory original parts and recommend specific fluid combinations to your vehicles use.

Owning a vintage vehicle can be one of the most rewarding ownership experiences for a true car aficionado. Owners find that the special knowledge, skill-set and tooling required to maintain these vehicles are a dying breed. Common services we offer for vintage vehicles include: carburetor rebuilding and tuning, valve adjustment and camshaft inspection, ignition distributor and points system rebuilds, cylinder head service and repair; using modern materials to increase reliability, coolant/water damage repair to copper core radiators and aluminum cylinder heads, brake master cylinder and caliper restoration and rebuilding, and repair/service of older audio systems and gauges.