Tow Service

Tow service emergency number: 631-521-0410

Bradan offers emergency tow service to Nassau and Suffolk county. 

Our tow truck is a 2021 Kenworth T-270, with a Century Right Approach tow bed. What's unique about our tow truck it has a “split deck” design bed that allows the end of the bed to pivot, decreasing the angle of the bed; this helps load low profile vehicles safely. Our truck also has air suspension that allows us to empty the rear suspension, further decreasing the load angle. For extra low cars, we also keep race ramps to extend the load approach. No matter the make or model, we are prepared to safely load your vehicle.

We use fabric straps around the tire of your vehicle to avoid suspension or rim damage using traditional chains. We're also prepared with all exotic and BMW tow hooks to correctly pull your vehicle onto the truck. 

The tow rate is billed as a $175 hook up fee, plus $5/mile. Tolls are billed at commercial truck rates.