Glasurit Paint


At Bradan, we exclusively use Glasurit paint in our body shop. We are factory trained and certified, giving customers Galsurit's lifetime finish warranty. Our main paint system is Glasurit's 55 line solvent paint, which was used by most exotic vehicle manufacturers for decades. Glasurit is considered the best paint manufacturer in the world and has been in business since 1888. Their paint systems and processes which we strictly follow, are approved for refinishing by all leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide. They have the world's largest color data base, going back to the very first production cars. This allows us to convert absolute lacquer colors into modern materials for a perfect paint match.

We flew to Münster, Germany to visit the Glasurit/BASF factory in person, touring their center of production, research/development and marketing. It's a mini-city inside the gates, filled with scientists passionate about manufacturing the world's best refinishing products.

Glasurit's history began in 1888 with Max Winkelmann founding a lacquers and paints company in Hamburg, Germany. The first paint was marketed under the name “Crystal White”. It was originally used for ocean liners and quickly expanded to customers in major shipyards and the German Kaiser. After being in business for 10 years, Mr. Wikelmann was making so many different products, he wanted to consolidate it under one brand name. The chosen name “Glasurit” was first trade registered over 100 years ago. The name “Glasur” means glaze or enamel. It reflects the enamel like glaze and hardness of the paint and finishes and promises quality. In 1925 the parrot is registered as a protected trademark. The parrot's colors are the primary colors found in mixing paint.

In 1964, Glasurit lead the market with the introduction of the first metallic base coat paint for the automotive market, followed in 1992 with one of the first waterborne base coat systems on the market. In 2018 Glasurit Celebrates 130 years in business - a true testament of a market leader.